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The light of Torah

There is a story told about a great ship in the ocean that came upon a tremendous fog. The captain noticed a light in the distance. He told his corpsman to signal them to "go 10 degrees north." A reply came back, "you go 10 degrees south." The captain was angry that his orders had been countermanded. "I am the captain," he ordered "go 10 degrees north." The reply came back, "I am the first mate; go 10 degrees south." At this chutzpadik reply, the captain went livid with rage. This time he personally signaled the message,  "I am the captain of the battleship, go 10 degrees north!" The reply came back, " I am the first mate of the LIGHTHOUSE, you go 10 degrees south!"
To steer the ship of Judaism through the tumultuous waters of the sea of life, Torah and Halacha is the steady unwavering authority that is to guide us by it's light.
We may not understand the light, we may think the light is too bright, we may not like the color of it's light – But who cares? We follow its instructions and we guide our ship by it's signals.
Shavuot, the time of the giving of the Torah, beckons us to listen and be guided by its light. To disregard G-ds laws is something which we violate at our own peril. For absent the authority of G-d and his Torah, our entire world is so perplexed and confused that we do not know where to turn. Yesterday's prohibitions become today's acceptable behavior.
As we prepare ourselves for Kabbalat Ha-Torah (Receiving the Torah), let us firmly resolve to heed the signals of the Supreme Commander - in - Chief – the Almighty. By following the light of his Torah, we can give our lives a clear direction anchored in morality. Otherwise, we are like ships lost in the fog.

Chag Sameach,             


Rabbi Jonathan Horowitz












Thu, June 1 2023 12 Sivan 5783