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Dear Fellow and Prospective Congregant,


Williams Island is the place to reside or visit. Living here is like living in paradise - whether you are playing tennis, enjoying a structured workout in a class, making use of a personal trainer in a luxurious spa or just like taking walks in a verdant, beautiful and lush landscaped setting, it is all here!  


Residents and their guests come from all over the world. Some live on Williams Island year round; some come for the Winter season and some for short getaway vacations.


Williams Island is located in the vibrant and cosmopolitan town of Aventura - home to the world renown Aventura Mall and many kosher restaurants within a few minutes drive.


Nestled in this enchanted Island, in the 2000 building, is a Modern Orthodox Shul - The Willie and Celia Trump Synagogue (WCTS) named in memory for the parents of Jules Trump, the visionary developer and builder of Williams Island and other marquee landmarks in Florida.

The Synagogue has services 365 days a year. Its full-time Rabbi, Rabbi Jonathan Horowitz has seen to the spiritual leadership of the congregation and to the development of rich Jewish educational and cultural life.  There are Torah classes, Daf Yomi and Rabbinical ministering for life events. Rabbinical services are open to all residents of Williams Island.  The Synagogue’s weekly newsletter emailed to all members and visitors includes time information, important Synagogue news, updates and a D’var Torah on the weekly Torah portion.  Every Shabbat, the Rabbi delivers an insightful sermon, meaningful to audience of varied religious knowledge levels.

Morning Shabbat services are followed by a Kiddush and social gathering, supported  by members of the Shul or sponsored by an individual member or guest to memorialize a loss or to celebrate a Simcha. Shabbat services are concluded with Mincha and Maarive separated by “Shalosh Seudot” where the Rabbi gives another D’var Torah to those participating. 

Weekday services start at 8 AM. Members capable of leading the prayer and especially those with a “Chiuv” ( a special obligation to say Kaddish) are encouraged to do so. Seating in the Sanctuary is on a first come basis. There are no reserved seats. Members and guests are treated equally. The synagogue has a Halachicaly approved Mechitza where women have a clear view of the cantor. 

Aside from being a place to pray and learn, the Synagogue seeks to provide the services of the Rabbi to all members of the Jewish faith residing on the Island in need of Spiritual guidance.

The Synagogue believes in outreach activities that include Israel Independence Day celebrations, Chanukah Parties, public readings of the Megillah on Purim, and the sounding of the Shofar on Rosh HaShanna for the entire Island.

The Synagogue also sponsors speakers where the greater Island community is welcomed.  The goal of the Board of Trustees, elected each year, is to serve its members and the entire community.

The last two years, a worldwide pandemic has introduced great challenges to our community as it it did to all others. We needed to exercise measures to ensure the safety of each individual attendee while concerned for the long term stability and cohesion of the community as a whole. Not always favored by all, those measures were nevertheless taken with great deal of thought and the burden of responsibility we carry for each and every member. We shall continue to consider all trade offs but safety above all as we proceed while praying and hoping b”h for a complete and speedy relief from the pandemic. A related policy as updated form time to time is published on our website.

In conclusion, we are grateful for all that the our life here has to offer. I am particularly grateful for the fellow congregants and friends that enrich my “president” job - challenges and all.  We indeed live in a Garden Of Eden and believe that what makes it so, is “The Tree Of Life”  at its center - The Willie & Celia Trump Synagogue. 


Neil J. Katz, President 

Tue, June 25 2024 19 Sivan 5784